Ideal Multifeed Farm

Ideal Multifeed Farm (B) Sdn Bhd

We attribute the success of Ideal Group of Companies to its founders, the late Pehin Orang Kaya Di-Gadong Seri Diraja Dato Laila Utama Hj Awg Abdul Rahman and the late Mr. Toh Soon Hwa for their vision and foresightedness.

1969 - Started as a small farm and hatchery at Kg. Kilanas, incorporated on 16th July 1969. Hatching eggs were imported to produce Day Old Chicks.

1970 - Ventured into a large-scale commercial egg production on a piece of rented land at Mile 6, Jalan Muara. An application was made for expansion to His Majesty's Government (Land Department) due to the increase in demand for IMF eggs.

1972 - His Majesty's Government (Land Department) granted 50 acres of land at Mile 9.5 Jalan Muara for future expansion.

1977 - Land Department granted a Temporary Occupational Land of 273 acres at Jalan Bengkurong Masin where IMF remains until today.

1991 - Due to increase in demand for IMF broilers, another 48 acres of Temporary Occupational Land was granted by Land Department for further expansion. Total land - 321 acres.


Automatic Poultry Slaughter House

The 1st commercial poultry processing plant established in Brunei Darussalam in 1992 for the processing of fresh Halal chicken using a fully automated slaughter equipment and weight monitoring system. It has a slaughter capacity of 1,000 heads per hour.
• Well trained & certified Halal slaughter staff
• Well trained processing operators
• Following GMP during processing
• Accredited Halal Logo from Majlis Ugama Islam since 17th February 2000.
• Accredited Veterinary Inspection Logo from Department of Agriculture & Agri Food since 21st September 2004
• IMF slaughter house is in the process of ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)' Certification under MIPR.

Automatic Egg Grading Plant

The 1st egg grading plant established in Brunei Darussalam on 2nd October 2000. It has a grading capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour using food grade inkjet logo printing.